About Dr. Ram

Dr. Ram Gudgila is Master of Public Health, Certified under UNICEF-MUHS collaboration program and Master of Science in Counseling. He has been working in the field of Public Health, Counseling, Life Coaching, Life Skills Mentoring and Community Behavioral Change for more than a decade.

An author, columnist, and a life coach, Dr. Ram is the Founder of Network For Youths.

Network For Youths is a platform for all young adults who are seeking mutual support for a successful life. Ram through Network For Youths facilitates participants to identify potential, explore self and achieve goals. He believes that during the challenging phases of one's life, a support system is necessary to maintain enthusiasm for living and fulfilling the dreams. This can be achieved by being together, talking it out and finding a way.

As a Public Health Expert, Dr. Ram is inspiring people worldwide to identify the importance of holistic health and psychological well-being through diversified campaigns and projects. He has contributed to numerous national flagship programs, mentored almost 20 plus non-profit organizations on different projects, and trained professional through 700 plus training programs.

As an expert life skill coach, his corporate association includes prestigious organizations, MNCs, leading business houses, and renowned academic institutes.

The topics covered under Dr.Ram’s seminars and workshops include, Four Squares of Working With Life, Win-Win by Emotional Ventilation, Common Man Uncommon Paths, Positive Parenting, Self Esteem Scaling, Personal Identity Building, Behavioral Modification Techniques, Motivation Techniques, Rational Approach Techniques, Lifestyle Coaching, Customized Corporate Sessions, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching for Excellence & Wellness Workshops and many more.